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When it comes to gaming, nothing beats investing in a solid, high-end pair of headphones. Whether you’re playing for fun, competitively, or trying to get better than your friends, the only thing buying a new gaming headset will do is elevate your game — not only can you hear your opponents better and quicker, but you’ve got a clearer microphone, more comfortable fit, as well as a sleek-looking pair of cans to wear. Although we highlight the top gaming headsets (both wired and wireless) in our other article, today we decided to really hone in on a specific type of popular, and well-worth the money at that, investment for a gaming set up — the top 10 best wireless gaming headsets in the market today.

Choosing the best wireless gaming headset

  • Budget – As we saw in our best gaming gear guide, certain upgrades will really depend on how much you’ve got saved up. The best wireless gaming headsets aren’t necessarily cheap, or really any high-end gaming gear in general. Although we did find a few budget-friendly picks that we felt were worth looking at for those on a strict budget, the amount of money you have on hand will definitely steer you in a particular direction. Do you want to spend what you have at the moment? Or perhaps you’ll find a pair that fits your needs that may be waiting for to save up a few more bucks?
  • What are you gaming on? Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac? To our avail, many of the best wireless gaming headsets are pretty versatile when it comes to compatibility with multiple devices, even both consoles as well as computers for PC and Mac. We list which each model is compatible with — so at least keep in mind what you foresee yourself playing on (unless you’re like many we know who use multiple consoles as well as a computer for gaming — grab a headset that does them all).
  • Extra features desired – Aside from our needed wireless connectivity with your gaming device, the following headsets have some extra features attached to them that some of you may like and others not so much. We’ll highlight the nifty specs each has so you can decide if the price-tag is worth it. To preview, some popular extra features for a lot of these models include a retractable mic, adjustable headbands, longer battery life, indicator lights, EQ setting tweaking, game controls on an ear pad, etc.

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The top 10 best wireless gaming headsets

SteelSeries Siberia 800

One of the best wireless gaming headsets in the marketHere’s one of the best wireless gaming headsets out there at the moment, and the user reviews will surely back us up with that claim. Even though it’s within the higher price-point of a lot of these models, let’s check out the specs to see if it’s justified: it has 7.1 surround output that will give you some amazingly clear surround-sound, compatibility with all gaming media (Xbox ONE, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac), a retractable mic with an indicator light, as well as a strong OLED transmitter that will allow you to adjust the sound and EQ settings as you wish. What probably steers us towards listing this first is the overall sound quality as well as versatility in terms of compatibility to pertain to most readers out there (especially if you game on multiple devices). On top of the highlight specs, the 800 is powered by two lithium-Ion batteries that will let you experience a long, smooth amount of hours of gaming (total of 20 hours and can be swapped out on the fly). It also ensures a super lowest latency level – you can be pretty confident that you will get an excellent, continuous sound stream without disruption despite being wireless. It made an appearance in Games Radar’s gaming headset article for a reason.

This one is super comfortable due to the memory foam ear cushions, padded headband (adjustable, too) and closed ear-cups (gives you some great sound isolation and clarity). It’s also available in quite a few different colors if you’re into aesthetics. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 is one of the best wireless gaming headsets in the market right now due to the awesome specs and overall quality it will bring you — as long as it’s within your budget.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300

Turtle beach is considered one of the best gaming gear brandsHere we have another one of the best wireless gaming headsets out right now, and this one is definitely recommended if you wanted to save some money as opposed to our previous pick. With this one, there is 7.1 surround-sound (Dolby), zero latency and zero static while you enjoy wireless technology (about 20 feet away limit) that will give you a great gaming experience across different gaming devices, so you’re good to go in terms of versatility again: PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Mac. The Ear Force Z300 is also equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that will give you up to 15 hours of non-stop gaming pleasure before the need for the next charging — not too bad and will at least cover you from day-to-day as long as you make sure you charge it before you hit the hay. This wireless headset has a conveniently removable mic (mic and master volume controls on the side of the headset, too) as well as a built-in digital signal processor for enhanced quality. It isn’t necessarily a pro studio quality mic but it’s a lot better than cheaper headsets out there.

All controls are conveniently placed within your fingertip reach and the headset will automatically shut down if there is no signal for 10 minutes. There are also some audio presets if you wanted to mess around with the EQ settings, which isn’t necessarily a must but more of a “why not?”. All in all, the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 is a wireless headset for gaming that will ensure a comfortable and long-lasting gaming experience that also comes with some awesome sound quality.

Logitech G930

Another one of the best wireless gaming headsetsIf the previous two were still too expensive and you wanted one of the cheaper wireless gaming headsets we feel are worth looking at, here’s a nice model by Logitech to grab. It comes with 7.1 surround sound, battery life of about 10 hours in one charge, noise-canceling microphone attached, as well as a nice 2.4 GHz connection for some lag-free playing. There are two Li-ion batteries in the unit and it is equipped with a 1.6-inch driver, 32 Ohms impedance and 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. This means that the signal and sound quality are quite solid when it comes to specific specs. This also made it into our gaming headset under $100 article. Just keep in mind this headset is for PC only (it does not work with Mac unless you take away your 7.1 — it can’t work on both, but stereo quality, as well as the mic, will still work).

The Logitech G930 is equipped with intuitive in-game controls that are activated all on one spot. G-keys are placed on the left ear cup for convenient and easy usage. The Logitech G930 is an amazing budget-friendly wireless headset for gaming if you were looking to save some money yet still grab an awesome solution to enhance your gaming experience.

Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Omega

Aside the fancy name, this wireless gaming headset is greatUp next and aside from the fancy name as well as the famous Creative SB brand, their reputation helps to back up its claim in terms of overall quality and build. This headset is a bit more expensive than a lot in here, but that’s because it has a few advanced built-in as well as external features that up that price-tag: surround sound processor that is equipped with Bluetooth for intuitive wireless gaming and compatibility on all gaming devices: PlayStation, computer, Mac, and Xbox, as well as its unique ‘Sound Core 3D chipset‘ which ensures super clear sound with no lagging at all. There is a multi-core voice and sound processor, so you’ll be good to go not only with what you hear but how you’ll be heard. This wireless gaming set is not just elegant and visually appealing – there is also a convenient and easy to access location of controls that you want at your fingertips: master volume, scout mode, instant mute, mic boost as well as the selection of the platform. The Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Omega comes with a combination of ultimate highs and impressive bass, but not too embellished to make those footsteps and sound effects easy to hear and accurate.

Additionally, for the ultimate sound control quality across different gaming devices, there is a built-in hardware decoder and has some noise-canceling technology attached to the unit to boot. If you are looking for a high-quality wireless headset for gaming and one of the best if money wasn’t a big deal to you, the Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Omega is definitely one our favorite picks as the best wireless headset for gaming to consider.

Astro Gaming A50

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A nice wireless gaming headset worth the moneyThe Astro Gaming A50 is a nice headset that will give you some great wireless gaming experience across all available gaming platforms – enjoy superior sound quality on Xbox, PlayStation, Mac or PC. Like the others, its surround 7.1 digital sound will deliver audio without latency, lag or interference. Its got a 5.8 GHz frequency so there are fewer chances of interference (Wi-Fi is on 2.4 GHz but we really haven’t heard many complaints about interference with the others regardless). There are three individual EQ modes for an equally pleasurable experience in gaming or if you’re into other applications for your headset, such as TV or movie watching. Its unique ‘MixAmp technology’ and open-air transducers (20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response) will combine with the 7.1 surround sound to really up to that quality, and its nice build of materials and design will deliver long-lasting investment if you take proper care of it.

Over-ear cups ensure comfortable wearing during usage and along with the padded ear-pads and adjustable headband, it competes with the rest when it comes to external qualities. Its mini-B USB will enable long hours of uninterrupted gaming (USB charging will provide easy and fast recharging when you need it). Check out the Astro Gaming A50 for yet another great solution we feel is perfect for those on multiple devices — just make sure you grab the right A50 model since they have a few which pertain to certain consoles or PC (we linked to the versatile model that works with all except Mac).

Corsair H2100

A sleek and sturdy wireless gaming headset hereIf you are looking for the best wireless headset for gaming that’s within the lower price-point and can work with all platforms, then the Corsair H2100 might be just the right choice. With this model, you are getting the Dolby 7.1. surround sound and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection (just like the norm we see in the other popular models here) that will enable you to walk around and move away from up to 40 feet from the device without any negative impact on the sound quality or connection. There is no sound lagging here and the Neodymium 50 mm drivers deliver excellent highs along with impressive bass in a complete dynamic range – all for a pretty solid sound experience regardless of the device you prefer to game on.

In terms of overall build and stability, its adjustable headband and ear pads with microfiber fabric will ensure comfort during many hours of gaming, preventing so-called headphone fatigue that can happen to anyone after numerous hours of play with a headset on (it’s happened to use more times than we can count). On top of it all, the Corsair H2100 wireless gaming headset also comes with a noise minimizing unidirectional mic that will enable excellent sound clarity. This is a great solution for those who want an affordable headset that doesn’t come with many bells and whistles.

Razer ManO’War

We all know that Razer gaming gear brand nameWe don’t know about you, but that Razer brand color scheme and logo always seem to catch our eye, especially if we’re looking at higher-end gaming gear to buy. Although relatively new to the game, this wireless headset competes with many in its class right out of the door: compatibility with PC and PS4, 7.1 surround-sound digital quality, a retractable mic that’s rather clear for a headset, and some convenient controls on the ear-cups for convenient adjustments if you’re in need. You have about 14 hours of uninterrupted play with a single charge here, and the 50mm Neodymium magnet drivers paired up with a solid casing build create a great long-term investment.

With the Razer ManO’War, you are getting a high-quality wireless headset for gaming isn’t cheaply made at all, not to mention the impressive build it has that will last you quite a while if you aren’t a thrower. It’s also within the middle price-point, so if your budget was in need of something not too expensive yet not too cheap, here’s a great one.

Turtle Beach Ear Force i60

Another one of Turtle Beach's best wireless gaming headsetsHere’s another appearance by the very reliable Turtle Beach. Thanks to its 7.1. Dolby surround sound (seeing a trend here?), standard 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and 4.0 Bluetooth wireless connection, the i60 wireless headset isn’t dominated by many others out there. Alongside the features we’ve seen common in many, this one also comes with noise minimizing dual boomless microphones with a hidden design — a bit unique here, so if you were overly concerned with mic quality (nothing wrong with that), this will steer you in its direction. These deliver excellent picking-up of voice, while the built-in battery delivers up to 10 hours of non-stop gaming before you need to charge again. The tuned 50 mm Neodymium drivers ensure a high-end digital sound quality and the digital processor of the signal works for EQ presets. The user is also conveniently within a fingertip reach of controls for the volume, audio mute, master and mic monitor on the ear pad.

The i60 is also equipped with a USB transmitter that is made from quality metal and the comfortable memory foam ear pads pair up to make the build of this one great for user experience. The Turtle Beach Ear Force i60 is an excellent choice as the best wireless gaming set that will provide you hours of comfortable and convenient gaming experience with crisp, crystal-clear sound quality.

Creative Sound Blaster Evo

Another Creative SB headset appearance in this guideHere are another Creative SB appearance and this time they bring us a very solid wireless headset for those on a strict budget. Although within the lower price-point, we have a very capable, comfortable and quality solution here, and it is equipped with unique full spectrum 40mm magnetic drivers as well as a dual mic array for some crisp and clear communication. It connects to most gaming devices: PC, PS4 or Mac thanks to its built-in 2.0 USB connectivity that will enable you to further increase the sound quality during all your gaming challenges. The SB Evo also has a few controls on the side of your headset: battery life indicator, active profile, voice options, headphone testing, mixing config and volume\level control.

Closed ear-cups to submerge your ears in the experience helps to completely cut off the outside noise that could disrupt your gaming satisfaction. Thanks to its dual-mic array, you can enjoy VOIP calls with equal clarity as gaming sounds, even when you are in noisy surroundings. You should definitely consider Creative Sound Blaster Evo if you weren’t a fan of the previous budget-friendly picks we’ve provided and are fans of Creative SB.

Plantronics .Audio 995

We remember the Plantronics or bust daysLast but certainly not least, we remember the ‘Plantronics or bust’ days of gaming headsets, especially when we were competitive Counter-Strike players way back when. If you are considering getting yourself one of the cheapest wireless headsets for gaming worth buying, we can definitely recommend getting a .Audio 995. Before you let the price discourage you from wanting to grab it, let’s look into what it offers (aside from Plantronics’ longevity reputation). You have some decent sound quality, can move around freely (up to 40 feet distance), noise-canceling microphone (equipped with a quick mic mute feature in case you want to yell aloud when you lose), and easy plug-and-play usage to get going right when you open the box.

It is equipped with dual speakers of 40 mm for all-encompassing Dolby surround stereo sound and conveniently located volume controls on the ears will enable easy usage. The Plantronics .Audio 995 is one of the positive surprises in the wireless gaming set world, especially if you were looking for a super cheap model. They’ll always have a place in our hearts and this caps off our best wireless gaming headset guide for a reason.

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